Postural Restoration (PRI)

Human bodies are asymmetrical by design. When working properly, our naturally asymmetrical bodies can work efficiently and pain free. However, as early as childhood, we begin to develop postural and compensatory patterns. Over time, these patterns of imbalance can cause pain and imbalance. 

Common examples of this include chronic shoulder pain, low back pain + disc issues, pelvic floor dysfunction, mid back tightness + pain, hip impingements + pain, and many more issues.

Through PRI, we work towards correcting one’s postural position, which helps reduce pain, correct dysfunction, and improve overall wellbeing.

How does it work?

Best done in a private setting, each session begins by spending a few minutes evaluating a client’s postural position. We then move through Pilates based exercises meant to inhibit or “turn-off” muscles that are overworking and pulling us into faulty patterns. By doing this, we also allow other muscles to work properly.

Each week a client will be given one technique to practice each day at home in between sessions. Unlike Physical Therapy, this technique will change each week but you will only ever have one thing to do - no list of ten exercises to try to complete each day. 

After two weeks, we should see the beginnings of postural correction which can mean reduced pain. After eight weeks, a noticeable difference in strength and movement patterns that will reduce pain and improve overall function. 

*We recommend one session per week of PRI based Pilates and one session per week of either Group or Private traditional Pilates. 

The PRI technique is perfect for:

  • Post Natal

  • Post Rehab/Injury

  • Injury Prevention

  • Chronic pain

  • Chronic tightness/achiness

  • Lower back injuries

  • Those things that you’ve chalked up to “just being old”

  • Recurring things that you’ve tried everything to fix but nothing really works

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